A cell phone with text message bubbles

Protect Your Debit Card with FNB Fraud Alerts

In the digital age we live in, First Northern Bank is focused on keeping our customers information secure.

That’s why – beginning June 15th – we will begin sending text alerts about suspicious debit account activity when it occurs. Our goal is to keep you one step ahead by providing an early warning text alert as to what’s going on with your account.

How do we determine transactions that appear out of the normal course for our customers? As we begin to learn your spending patterns and the way you commonly use your FNB debit card, we’re able to systematically detect transactions that appear unusual.

Once you receive the text alert, you’ll be able to quickly determine the transaction details. If you’re not certain the transaction was yours, or if we can help, a simple text back to us will get the process started.

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Standard texting and data rates may apply. Check with your mobile service provider for details on specific fees and charges.