Small Business Loan Application

The Bigger Picture of Small Business Banking


As a local community bank, it has been a focus of ours to help small businesses with their financial needs, which is why we’ve been the region’s No. 1 local small business lender for over a decade. In fact, First Northern Bank is a Small Business Administration “Preferred Lender” — so we have extensive experience in helping business owners get the financing they need with a faster and streamlined loan approval process. Small Business Loan Officer, Janet Carrere, and Small Business Portfolio Manager, Jennie Bauman, discuss the Bank’s commitment to small businesses and its ability to effectively serve the local business sector.

Both women agree that the Bank is constantly seeking ways to help small businesses succeed and meet their financial needs. “First Northern Bank is always on the lookout to improve and add different products in order to help small businesses both on the loan and the deposit & treasury management side,” Jennie said. “This past year, we added our online Lightning Loans program for small business loans between $2,500 and $50,000.  With Lightning Loans, loan decisions are provided in three minutes and funding is provided in three business days. Janet went on to say that small business banking is truly our specialty.  We hire relationship managers with the right experience to help small businesses and the communities they are in to thrive.

They felt that as a local community bank, First Northern Bank works hard to hire knowledgeable and friendly employees who are able to anticipate the needs of small businesses, and really tailor banking services to their needs.; “I take the time to talk through the loan process with my customers; —I really enjoy learning about their business and forging a relationship with them,” Janet said.

With over 30 years of combined experience with the Bank, Janet and Jennie have seen their fair share of small business success stories. “We have had several clients that we have taken from one small loan or line of credit to getting to a size where they’re looking to purchase their own building!” Jennie said. They both agreed how rewarding it is to see the “mom-and-pop” shops grow with the Bank!