Pets: Considering an Estate Plan?

Published: August 11, 2016

For many of us, pets are an important part of our daily lives, more like members of the family than just “animals.”...

Charitable Trusts

Published: June 03, 2016

Q: What is a charitable remainder trust?

 A: A charitable remainder trust is a ...

529 Plans

Published: March 23, 2016

Q: I’ve heard that there may be a cloud over the tax advantages of 529 plans. What’s that all ...

A New Headache for Executors

Published: March 23, 2016

For several years President Obama proposed adding a requirement to the tax code for consistent basis reporting for estate and ...

A 1994 Parallel?

Published: March 23, 2016

What happens to the bond market when interest rates finally start to rise? No one knows for certain, because this long period ...