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4 New Details You Need to Know About CardValet

CardValet, First Northern Bank’s fraud protection and spending control app, received a recent software release aimed to enhance existing functionality and introduce new features for its users.

The latest CardValet release includes several changes that impact your use of the application for the better. Let’s look at the top four changes one by one.

  1. Fingerprint login

Now that phones are equipped to handle fingerprint-based login, so is CardValet. Simply go into the mobile app settings to enable or disable this feature.

  1. Enhanced location control

By allowing users the option to select multiple locations, we’ve decreased the likelihood of denials due to out-of-area transactions. With the latest enhancements, up to five selected countries are allowed. Not to worry, your card is still secure – you’ll have control over the countries and transactions that will be approved and your choices can change as you travel.

  1. Denial Notifications

Wondering why your card isn’t working? CardValet now includes a push notification to let you know the exact reason your card was declined and what action is necessary to perform a successful transaction.

  1. New look, new feel

The CardValet interface, screens, labels and detailed pages received a much-deserved facelift. While the user interface was revamped with a new look, previously existing features and flow have not changed.

If you have any questions about the new functionality of the CardValet app, you can request info or view our suggestions for using the app on our CardValet page.

Unfamiliar with CardValet and ready to give it a try? CardValet is First Northern Bank’s smartphone app – designed to help keep a close eye on your debit card usage. Set dollar limits for yourself to keep your spending in check, and even shut off your card if you find that it is lost or stolen. When your card is "off," no withdrawals or purchases will be approved. Click below to download the CardValet app:

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