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Online Banking FAQs

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General Product Questions

What is Online Banking?

Online Banking lets you use a personal computer and the Internet to perform many banking activities via the Internet, including viewing your account balances, transferring money, paying bills and more.

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How much does Online Banking and/or Bill Pay cost?

Online Banking is FREE when you use it to access account information, balance your checkbook and conduct transactions such as account transfers, etc.

Bill Pay Service for consumers is FREE with an unlimited number of transactions.

How do I sign up for Online Banking?

If you currently have a First Northern Bank checking account, you have 3 ways to sign up. For your security we will identify you prior to providing access.

From our Web Site at

  1. Click on "Access My Accounts"
  2. Click on "Enroll Now" and complete the enrollment form
  3. Then, contact us at 1-877-FNB-6000 to obtain your User ID and a temporary password.
  4. Visit any one of our branches to request the service. Or call Online Support at our toll-free number 1-877-FNB-6000.

If you do NOT currently have a First Northern Bank checking account, please visit one of our branches and open an account. You can sign up for Online Banking at the same time. Or you can open your account online today. Online Banking will be ready for you to use within 1 business day.

How long, after signing up, do I have to wait to use Online Banking?

Online Banking access will be available to you within 1 business day if you request this service before 3:00 p.m. on a regular business day. Access will be available within 2 business days if the service was requested after 3:00 p.m.

Note: If you signed up via the Online Enrollment Form, you must contact the Bank to obtain your User Login ID and temporary password before you can access Online Banking.

How do I log onto Online Banking for the first time?

The Online Banking Login is available on all pages of our web site.

  1. Enter the Login ID and temporary Password the Bank gave you. Complete the "Customer Information" screen.
  2. You'll be required to change your temporary password at this time.
  3. Your password must be 8 to 20 digits in length.
  • For a more secure password, we suggest you use a combination of upper and lower case letters, numbers and/or special characters ( -*@~& ).
  • Do not make it something that can be easily guessed or figured out. (i.e. your nickname, middle name, etc.)

How do I change my password?

You are able to change your password any time you log on to Online Banking. Simply click "Preferences," "Change Password," and follow the directions.

  • The password must be 8 to 20 digits in length.
  • For a more secure password, we suggest you use a combination of upper and lower case letters, numbers and/or special characters.
  • Do not make it something that can be easily guessed, like a nickname, middle name, etc.

What if I have problems with my password?

Call Online Support at 1-877-FNB-6000 from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday and they can reset your current password or we will issue you another temporary password.

What accounts can I access using Online Banking?

You can access any checking account, savings account, certificate of deposit, or loan you have at First Northern Bank on which you are a signer.

Note: Accounts with special signing restrictions/requirements will restrict Online Banking capabilities.

How do account transfers work?

Transfers requested before 6:00 p.m. on a regular business day will be processed that same day. Transfers requested after 6:00 p.m. (or on a weekend or Bank holiday) will be processed the next business day.

Can I transfer to and from any account or loan?

Account transfers are allowed to and from most checking, savings, and reserve account lines of credit for which you are an owner or an authorized signer on the account.

Exceptions: IRAs, Certificate of Deposits, and accounts with special signature requirements/restrictions are excluded from transfer transactions. Loans and "Holiday Savings" accounts are limited to "Transfer to..." transactions (payments).

Can I use Quicken® with Online Banking?

Yes, you can export posted transactions from Online Banking history to your Quicken®.  Please refer to the Help icon "?" which is located on the Export screen within the main History menu.

How much history is maintained on my accounts?

You'll be able to view up to 15 months of transaction history beginning with the date you sign up for Online Banking.

How far back can I go to look at monthly account statements?

You can view and print your monthly/quarterly checking or savings account statements for the past 18 months.  Simply select the month you want to view.

Is one Online Banking service available for both my personal and business accounts?

Yes! We have a Cash Management Module which is designed for all business owners. It has tools specifically designed to meet the needs of your business. Small business owners can also link all of their personal and business accounts under one Login ID. Please refer to the Cash Management for Business section below for more details.

NOTE: There are security restrictions within Cash Management that limits access to the Bill Pay Service to one specific PC. Therefore, if you wish to access your business/personal accounts from more than one computer (say, home and office) you will need an additional Login ID for the second location.

Cash Management Services for Business Accounts

What is Cash Management Services for Business Accounts?

The Cash Management Module enables businesses to use the Internet Banking System to manage funds in all their accounts with the ultimate in security and ease.

Cash Management Services includes:

  • Multiple Account Control: Businesses can control multiple accounts and establish varying levels of access by users. Authorized users can also access account details, such as inclearing checks and hold amounts, to assist with timely decisions about money management.
  • Added Security: Cash Management transactions (Bill Pay) are limited to one specific PC location and can be tracked by a supervisor. Both features provide security above and beyond the standard password protocols.
  • Bill Pay: This service allows you to pay virtually anyone--companies or individuals--at any time. Refer to the "Bill Pay" section for answers to your specific questions.
  • Wire Transfers: Businesses can conduct secure wire transfers via the Internet, establishing varying levels of security by user. ( i.e. One person to originate the wire and second person to approve it.)
  • Payroll/Direct Deposit: Businesses may deposit payroll to their employees accounts anywhere in the United States.
  • ACH Origination: Conducted using standard NACHA format for debits and credits. Businesses may:
  • Debit customer accounts for receivables due.
  • Send in their required tax payments.
  • Credit supplier accounts for payments due.
  • Transfer funds to and from other accounts throughout the United States.
  • Fast Pay: This service allows our mutual retail customers to pay you directly from their FNB account and credit your FNB account. Here's how it works: your business name would be added to the Bill Pay "Payee List" from which the retail customer can choose when building their "Payee list." After 2:00 p.m. you could go into the "Fast Pay Inclearings" and see who and how much will be credited to your account that day from the inclearings.

Can I authorize access to anyone in my office or company?

No, access will be limited to those who have signing authority on the signature card we have on file.

Using the Bill Pay Service

How do I sign up for Online Banking Bill Pay Service?

You can enroll in Bill Pay through our Online Banking. Simply login to Online Banking and click the "Pay Bills" button at the top of the screen. From there you can access the Bill Pay Enrollment link. If you are not yet an Online Banking Customer, please click here to enroll in Online Banking.

How do I access Bill Pay?

There are two ways to access Bill Pay.

Click on the Online Bill Pay Login available at


From within Online Banking:

Click on the Pay Bills button once you have logged into the Online Banking Service.

For business account holders, you will click on the Cash Manager button, then the "Pay Bills" icon.

When am I able to access Bill Pay?

24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

What methods of Bill Pay support are available?

Telephone: Call Toll Free 1-866-859-5621. This number is also at the bottom of the Bill Pay screen.

E-mail: [email protected]

Live Chat: Click on the Live Chat button on your Bill Pay screen to chat with an Online Bill Pay Support representative.

What are Online Bill Pay Support hours of operation?

4:30am - 11:00 p.m. Pacific Time Monday - Friday.

How do I change my Password/PIN?

You are able to change your password/PIN any time within the Bill Pay system. Simply click the "Preferences" tab and then click "Change PIN" and follow the directions.

Your password/PIN must be 8 to 20 digits in length.

For a more secure password/PIN, we suggest you use a combination of upper and lower case letters,numbers and/or special characters.

Do not make it something that can be easily guessed or figured out. (i.e. your nickname, middle name, etc.).

What if I have problems with my password/PIN?

Contact Online Bill Pay Support via LIVE CHAT on the Bill Pay screens or call toll free at 1-866-859-5621 so they can reset your current password/PIN or issue you another temporary password/PIN.

What is the cutoff time for Bill pay?

Changes and additions made before 1:00p.m. Pacific Time are processed that same business day. After 1:00p.m. changes and additions will process the next business day.

When will my payments be processed?

Your payments will be processed (sent out) on the PROCESS date that you enter for each payment. Please allow 2-3 business days for electronic payments and 5-8 business days for paper drafts AFTER the process date to reach your Payee. You may verify receipt of the payment by your payee by contacting them directly or checking your next billing statement for verification of posting of the payment.

When will my checking account be debited?

Your account will be debited on the 'PROCESS' date that you designate and remitted to your payee.

Which of my First Northern Bank accounts can I use to pay my bills?

You may use any checking account with First Northern for which you are an owner or an authorized signer. Please Note: Accounts with special signature requirements/restrictions are excluded from Bill Payment access.

May I pay bills from multiple accounts?

Yes, you may pay from multiple checking accounts. To set up additional First Northern Bank checking accounts access the Manage Bank Accounts menu within the Bill Pay system.

Who can I pay?

You can make payments to virtually any business or individual located within the United States. Using First Northern Bank's Bill Pay service is no different than writing a check from your checkbook, except that it is much more convenient.

Is there anyone I shouldn't pay through Bill Pay?

The Bill Payment service should not be used to make payments to settle securities purchases, payments to interest-bearing accounts, tax payments or court-ordered payments. Payments for these payees will be your sole responsibility if delayed or improperly processed or credited.

How are my bills paid?

Each business day we pull all scheduled bill payments for that day. Your account is debited and the money is sent to the payee one of two ways:

Electronically through the ACH system

By draft (check) with your name listed as the sender, mailed through the U.S. mail to your payee. The drafts are prepared and mailed by iPay Technologies, LLC, our Bill Pay service provider, in Elizabethtown, Kentucky.

How do I know if a payee will receive electronic payments?

If the payee has an asterisk (*) next to it, the payee is electronic.

How do I cancel a payment?

To cancel a payment before 1:00 p.m. Pacific Time on the processing date, under My Payments, click on 'Pending Payments' and then click 'Stop'. After 1:00 p.m. the payment cannot be canceled or stopped.

What happens if I don't have enough money in my account to cover a Bill Payment? Will I be notified?

If your account has sufficient overdraft protection to cover the payment, we'll draw against that, otherwise the payment will be canceled and not processed.

If a payment is canceled due to insufficient funds, the Bank will send a "Notice of Check Returned Due to Insufficient Funds" to your address on file. It is your responsibility to reschedule the bill payment for any canceled bill(s). If a recurring payment is cancelled, future payments on the recurring schedule will not be affected; however, you will need to reschedule the cancelled payment if you want it to be paid. Please contact Online Bill Pay Support if you have questions.

Can I place a stop payment on a bill payment that has already been processed?

If the payment is "electronic" (that means no paper is involved), we cannot place a stop payment. If the payment is done by check or paper draft, a stop payment order may be placed if the check or draft has not been presented for payment. You can determine if a payee is paid "electronically" or by "check/draft" from the presence of an asterisk by the payee name. An asterisk indicates the payee is paid "electronically." If it is paid by draft, please call Online Bill Pay Support at 1-866-859-5621.

Who do I contact if a payment has not been posted?

Before any research can be done on a payment that has not posted, please allow a minimum of (10) business days for a check payment and a minimum of (5) business days for an electronic payment and transfer to reach your payee. Usually it does not take this long, but this is the amount of time we allow the merchant to receive and post our payments. If the transaction has not been posted by that time, simply contact us by calling Online Bill Pay Support at 1-866-859-5621 (this number can also be found at the bottom of every page on the bill pay website). You may also chat with a Subscriber Services representative by clicking on the Live Chat button on the bill pay website or send us an email at [email protected]. We will follow up on the transfer or payment and get back to you within 24 to 48 business hours.

Why are some of my payees highlighted in yellow?

Payees that are in pending status (either added Email Payees or Transfers that are awaiting you to complete the confirmation process or added bills that are awaiting the approval process) will be highlighted in yellow. For added Email Payees or Transfers, check your email for a confirmation request that contains instructions on how to complete the confirmation process. For added bills, it takes up to three (3) business days for an added payee to be approved.

Can I pay my First Northern Bank Loan payment using bill pay?

No, but for good reason. By using the transfer feature in Online Banking, your loan payment will be received by the bank on the same business day the transfer is scheduled. The cutoff time for transfers in Online Banking is 2:00 p.m. Pacific Time each business day.

What is a challenge phrase and response and why is it required for certain transactions?

The challenge phrase and response is a question and answer that you established on your bill pay account. This question and answer should be one that only you know. Therefore, it provides an additional level of security with your bill pay account.

What is my security key?

To protect you from being "hooked" into any bill payment site other than your true bill payment site, we have introduced a new tool for your protection. We're calling it your security key and this key will add a new level of security, protection and peace of mind for you.

This key should be one of a kind and never shared with another Internet site or person. Once you've established your key, First Northern Bank will then display your key each time you enter bill payment.

You can now authenticate us as your true and legitimate bill payment site. Watch for your key display every time you enter BILL PAY. No key means you've been phished* and you should report this to us immediately.

How do I cancel my Bill Pay service?

To cancel your Bill Pay service, call us at 1-866-859-5621 with your account information.

Security Issues

How safe is my account information?

Please refer to our "Security Statement" for the complete details of our security. Links to our Security Statement can be found at the bottom of the Bank's Web Site Home Page and on the first page of the Online Banking program.

Our Part in keeping your account information safe

First Northern Bank uses the latest security technology and state-of-the-industry security software and hardware to ensure your account information remains safe. With proven encryption, firewalls and trusted operating systems incorporated into our overall banking architecture, we have made it as secure as possible for authentic transactions to take place over the Internet. Please refer to our "Security Statement" section for the details of our security.

Your Part in keeping your account information safe

Your Login ID and Password are confidential and you should exercise care when using them. Don't make your password something that can be easily guessed or figured out.

Never lend your Login ID or Password to anyone and never write them on your PC or any computer materials.

Never accept advice from strangers while you are using it.

Beware of fraudulent requests for your password by someone posing as a Bank employee. A Bank employee would never ask for this information!

Never use a "Save Password" feature if offered by your browser. (This is a feature available in Microsoft Explorer 5.0) This would allow anyone who opens your browser access to your account information without needing a password.

Use a browser with 128-bit encryption which provides the highest level of encryption. (Encryption is a method of scrambling information transmitted between you and the Bank.)

Please refer to our "Security Statement" section for the more recommendations you can follow to ensure maximum security of your account information.

Where can I find more detailed information about security?

Please refer to our Online Security section for more detailed information on how we keep your banking information safe with Online Banking.

Can the Bank answer questions about my Internet Service connection or my computer?

Your best source of information regarding any issues you have with your Internet connection is your Internet Service Provider. Their customer service personnel are trained to answer all your Internet connection questions. The same holds true for any questions about your computer. Contact the hardware manufacturer or software company for best results.

Can anyone else see my account information?

No, your online account information is available only to those with an authorized Login ID and password. The information is not public.

Will an unauthorized person be able to access my accounts with Online Banking?

No! Only the signers on an account, using their own Login ID and Password, will be able to access the account.

Who is liable, the Bank or me, if a "hacker" breaks into the system and takes all or some of my money?

You're liability may be limited by a federal regulation (known as "Regulation E") against "unauthorized transactions" to your accounts. The regulation states that "If you notify your Bank within two days of learning of an unauthorized transaction, your liability is limited to $50." Please refer to the electronic disclosure information given to you when signed up for Online Banking for more details. You may obtain another copy of this disclosure from any branch location or by calling our Online Support Group at 1-877-FNB-6000.

Miscellaneous Information

Why does Online Banking load so slow over the Internet?

A secure site such as First Northern's Online Banking, will be slower due to the encryption process. Additionally the capabilities of your PC, Memory Space available, Modem, Software, and Internet Service Provider all effect the speed at which the information travels. Please be patient, the slower speed is for your security and protection. Below are a few tips that can help if memory is the problem. Click on the browser "Help" button to find how to make appropriate changes.

Reduce the graphics - Graphics require extensive system resources, and can be eliminated to speed up the loading process.

Clear your Cache

Shut down other programs you have running

Change your wallpaper to a generic pattern or remove your screen saver feature.

How do I contact the Bank if I have a question or comment about Online Banking?

If you have any questions, comments or concerns you can call our Online Support Group at 1-877-FNB-6000 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. From the Dixon area, you can call 678-7742.

Or e-mail us at [email protected]. There is also an email button at the bottom of every page in Online Banking. Feel free to use this email icon to contact us or ask questions. Please note that "email" is not a secure environment like Online Banking. Please do not include any sensitive information in your email, such as account numbers, passwords or social security numbers. Your name and a general description of your question will be sufficient to respond to your question.

What Internet browsers can I use with Online Banking?

For a PC: Supported browsers are Google Chrome (current and previous two versions), Mozilla Firefox (current and previous two versions), Microsoft Edge (current and previous two versions). For a MAC: Supported browser is Safari (current and previous two versions), Google Chrome (current and previous two versions), or Firefox (current and previous two versions). These browsers support secure transactions over the Internet using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol.

Can I use Online Banking from outside the United States?

Yes! Just use a secure browser such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Edge.

Do I have access to my account information via telephone?

Yes! TeleBank, our touch-tone telephone banking service provides you with 24-hour access to account information. Call 1-800-818-24HR. As a reminder, you must have signed up for TeleBank in advance to access your account information via the telephone. Please contact your branch to request this service.